Dear Sir or Madam,

We present to you the new PZPN media accreditation system. The main reason for introducing the new system is to enable the Press Office to better verify applications submitted for events organised by the Polish Football Association. More detailed verification will automatically improve the working conditions for all media representatives who receive accreditation for an event.

Registration in the new system will include two paths.


Each journalist has to create their account in the new accreditation system. During the registration process, the journalist will be required to provide basic information, such as first and last name, PESEL (personal identification number), telephone number, e-mail address, and choose the type of accreditation: PRESS, RADIO, PHOTOGRAPHER, TV, or the new category: VIDEO BLOGGER. During registration, the user will be obliged to apply in order to be assigned to an editorial office that is already registered in the system or apply for registration of a new editorial office whose account has not yet been created, or choose a separate category: freelance journalist, as mentioned below.


An editorial office must be registered in addition to the traditional individual journalist accounts. Any editorial office submitting the application will be verified by the PZPN Press Office. Verification will take place on the basis of actual publications and website addresses provided. An editorial office account will become active only after positive verification by the Polish Football Association. Each editorial office will be able to choose the so-called secretary of the editorial office, who, as the administrator, will verify and accept journalists wishing to join their editorial office.

The new feature in the form of editorial office registration will allow the secretaries of editorial offices to independently register accreditation applications of any journalists expected to report on a given event. At the same time, this feature will enable the secretaries of editorial offices to verify whether a given person actually represents a given office. The intended outcome is more effective verification of people registering in the system, which will allow us to accredit journalists for events organised by the Polish Football Association in an objective and fair manner.


A separate category of journalists will be those who do not work permanently with any editorial office. Media representatives acting on their own account will have to undergo the verification process by the PZPN Press Office (similarly to editorial offices) to activate their account. At the time of registration, they will be required to present their journalist portfolio in the form of links to websites with articles bearing their name or by sending attachments which will prove their journalism activities beyond any doubt.

The system is completely new and created by the internal IT department of the Polish Football Association. We realise that in the first few weeks, it may suffer from certain "teething troubles". Therefore, we are counting on your comments and remarks to help us improve this tool.

First of all, you are kindly requested to create editorial office accounts and register individual users as soon as possible. There is very little time left before the national team matches in March and your action is required in this regard.

At the same time, we kindly request that the editorial office account be registered by an actual post-holder in a given editorial office. If it is found that the person registering an editorial office is in fact not an employee, the system administrator will block such a person from accessing the editorial office account.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at

Kind regards,

PZPN Press Office

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